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— From Diet Doctor, one of my favourite low-carb websites, comes the inspiring story of My, a self-confessed sugar addict who lost 208 lbs (94 kilos) on a low-carb high-fat diet. Her story’s from 2016, but her wise words bear repeating: “Food should only be fuel for us addicts, not a treat or a consolation.”


Fruits and vegetables were small, fibrous, and much less sweet before we domesticated them.
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Sugar-free star: Europe’s Best Fruit Essentials Berry Cherry Medley

We usually buy the frozen berry mix at Costco, which is great — everyone in the world has Costco, right? — but one day when I didn’t feel like driving for 15 minutes*, I went to Save-on Foods (3-minute drive) and picked up these to try:


Note the prominent yellow “NO SUGAR ADDED” notice on the front – that’s what I like to see! Continue reading

Creamy Chocolate Pudding

Only 2 ingredients, but a world of deliciousness! (Complete with festive tablecloth to wish you prosperity in the Year of the Rooster)

Dessert – a perennial problem on a sugar-free Paleo diet! Fruit is always an option, of course, but what if you’re craving chocolate?

This fast and easy pudding lets you pay homage to the goddess Theobroma* and still eat healthily.

My husband and I find the creamy chocolatey-ness very satisfying on its own, so I make this without any added sweeteners.

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Paleo Pancakes

plated-2These fluffy pancakes contain no added sugars, but still taste delicious thanks to the natural sweetness of plantains or bananas. They’re a bit on the carby side, so we have them now and then as a treat.

The recipe’s based on Perfect Paleo Pancakes, with a few tweaks. You can have them for breakfast, or as a dessert. I prefer the latter, because protein-rich breakfasts work best for me.

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My favourite resources, Part 2: Books

fave-booksThis is Part 2 of my response to reader Kim F.’s question, “What resources guided you on your journey?”

Part 1 covered websites; this post lists some of my favourite books.

I’m lucky enough to own all the books listed below except Pure, White and Deadly  (waiting for the updated version to come out next month). Books are listed in no particular order, but my top favourites are starred (*). Continue reading

What I eat

A recent dinner at our house: Paleo Shepherd’s pie with free-range ground beef, topped with a mixture of mashed roast yams and free-range local eggs – yum! 

*Jan. 18, 2017: Post updated with clearer guidelines on potatoes and other root vegetables*

This post is for reader Irma T., who asked “What do you eat, Anne?”

Thanks for this great question, Irma, and good luck on your journey to optimum health!

Detailed lists of what to eat and what to avoid are below, and a printable version is here (PDF, 2 pp.) Continue reading

Sugar: The world’s most popular drug?

From The Case Against Sugar by Gary Taubes, one of my favourite books:

Sugar appears to cause pleasure with a price that is difficult to discern immediately and paid in full only years or decades later … Most of us today will never know if we suffer even subtle withdrawal symptoms from sugar, because we’ll never go long enough without it to find out.  Continue reading