Ground rules for the sugar-free year

I’m so excited for my special project for 2017, “Sugar-Free Year: Absolute Zero!” These are the rules I’ve been following since January 1:

  • Through December 31, 2017, I won’t knowingly eat added sugar in any form, natural or artificial, including
    • Honey;
    • Maple syrup;
    • Rice bran syrup;
    • Stevia;
    • Sucralose;
    • Agave;
    • Regular ol’ table sugar;
    • Etc. (full list coming in a future post)

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Paleo power: My story

This blog is dedicated to the belief that a lot of what we consider aging in the modern world is just accumulated years of misuse (sitting!), plus years of eating stuff our bodies weren’t designed to handle.

We already see unhealthy aging becoming a huge societal problem, and I’m determined not to be part of it.

I’m not in pursuit of eternal youth. I don’t care about wrinkles or grey hair. What I do care about: Read more