How to quit sugar

Tomorrow (December 31, 2017), I’ll complete 1 full year of no added sugars of any type – not even stevia or honey. Read on for tips on how you can do it too.

Giving up sugar might be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do, but it’s worth it. You’ll be a lean, energetic, cravings-free inspiration to all who know you! So, huge congratulations to you for even considering it.  Continue reading


The 95 names of sugar

I don’t consume anything on this list — not even stevia, honey, or agave.

Compiling this list of natural and artificial sweeteners reminded me of the classic Arthur C. Clarke science fiction short story “The Nine Billion Names of God“. The creation of my list didn’t trigger a universe-shaking event, but it brought home for me how hard we humans have worked to support our sugar addiction. How many hours of effort does each item on the list represent — especially the artificial sweeteners? When you think of research, testing, marketing, and so on, it’s truly sobering.

Almost 100 different types of natural and artificial sweeteners are listed below; sometimes we humans really are too smart for our own good. Continue reading

My favourite resources, Part 2: Books

fave-booksThis is Part 2 of my response to reader Kim F.’s question, “What resources guided you on your journey?”

Part 1 covered websites; this post lists some of my favourite books.

I’m lucky enough to own all the books listed below except Pure, White and Deadly  (waiting for the updated version to come out next month). Books are listed in no particular order, but my top favourites are starred (*). Continue reading

What I eat

A recent dinner at our house: Paleo Shepherd’s pie with free-range ground beef, topped with a mixture of mashed roast yams and free-range local eggs – yum! 

*Jan. 18, 2017: Post updated with clearer guidelines on potatoes and other root vegetables*

This post is for reader Irma T., who asked “What do you eat, Anne?”

Thanks for this great question, Irma, and good luck on your journey to optimum health!

Detailed lists of what to eat and what to avoid are below, and a printable version is here (PDF, 2 pp.) Continue reading