Just meat: Results after 31 days

I ate only meat, mostly, for the month of March.  By “meat,” I mean red meat, poultry, eggs, and seafood. I also ate small amounts of nuts, cheese, and heavy whipping cream.


Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash


As stated in my post “Just meat,” here are my goals for doing this: Continue reading


Delicious food for fussy eaters: The Dragon Stone Mongolian Grill

Anne w lunch.jpg

A heaping plate of low-carb Paleo sugar-free deliciousness

To age well, you need to eat well, but for those with dietary restrictions, restaurants can be a real challenge.

The Mongolian grill / Mongolian barbecue genre may have a solution: you choose your own raw ingredients, and a chef grills them for you. Typically, a range of healthy options is available, letting you customize the meal for your specific requirements.

It’s a fun and easy way to create a healthy meal without sugar, gluten, MSG, soy, or whatever else you’re avoiding. And because each person creates their own meal, friends who eat closer to the norm can still enjoy their noodles, sweeter sauces, rice, and so on. Continue reading

Sugar-free star: Europe’s Best Fruit Essentials Berry Cherry Medley

We usually buy the frozen berry mix at Costco, which is great — everyone in the world has Costco, right? — but one day when I didn’t feel like driving for 15 minutes*, I went to Save-on Foods (3-minute drive) and picked up these to try:


Note the prominent yellow “NO SUGAR ADDED” notice on the front – that’s what I like to see! Continue reading

What I eat

A recent dinner at our house: Paleo Shepherd’s pie with free-range ground beef, topped with a mixture of mashed roast yams and free-range local eggs – yum! 

*Jan. 18, 2017: Post updated with clearer guidelines on potatoes and other root vegetables*

This post is for reader Irma T., who asked “What do you eat, Anne?”

Thanks for this great question, Irma, and good luck on your journey to optimum health!

Detailed lists of what to eat and what to avoid are below, and a printable version is here (PDF, 2 pp.) Continue reading

Paleo power: My story

This blog is dedicated to the belief that a lot of what we consider aging in the modern world is just accumulated years of misuse (sitting!), plus years of eating stuff our bodies weren’t designed to handle.

We already see unhealthy aging becoming a huge societal problem, and I’m determined not to be part of it.

I’m not in pursuit of eternal youth. I don’t care about wrinkles or grey hair. What I do care about: Read more