8 reasons CrossFit could help you age like a boss

cfniAlert: Kickass aging in progress! Two inspiring fellow members of my CrossFit gym were the last ones standing in the Battle of the Kettlebells.

I love my workouts at CrossFit Northern Ice in Prince George, BC (their huge new space is pictured above). Note: That’s definitely not me on the right with the kettlebell – but I sure wish it was!

Anyway, this post lists 8 reasons you should consider adding CrossFit to your anti-aging arsenal. Continue reading


Paleo power: My story

This blog is dedicated to the belief that a lot of what we consider aging in the modern world is just accumulated years of misuse (sitting!), plus years of eating stuff our bodies weren’t designed to handle.

We already see unhealthy aging becoming a huge societal problem, and I’m determined not to be part of it.

I’m not in pursuit of eternal youth. I don’t care about wrinkles or grey hair. What I do care about: Read more