I’m back! + 30 days of carnivore

Hi, everyone! It’s been while since I added anything to this site, but I retired 3 weeks ago (yay!) and now intend to add content more regularly.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I’m excited to embark on a personal 30-day carnivore challenge. From today through Saturday, July 17, 2021, I’m doing the carnivore diet full-on. Feel free to jump in and join me!

My “whys”:

(1) I keep trying to stick to a 100% carnivore diet and failing. Constantly being disappointed in myself is soul-destroying.

But! I remembered that according to Gretchen Rubin’s excellent book, “Better than Before”, I’m an “obliger” — someone who’s motivated by external expectations (see her “four tendencies” here — which one are you?)

In other words, I often have trouble making positive changes without external accountability. But if I tell the world I’m doing something, I can generally do it — for example, my sugar-free year in 2017, and my month of carnivore eating in 2018.

(2) One knee gets sore when I walk or run. This is getting in the way of my retirement goal to compete as a master’s runner. I suspect it may be due to general inflammation from dairy and carbs. Many people report resolving or significantly improving joint pain on the carnivore diet.

(3) I believe the carnivore diet is the most nutrient-rich diet on the planet, and that it’s the ancient ancestral diet of humans — see the recent interdisciplinary study by the University of Tel Aviv.

(4) The last time I did this, I lost weight, felt great, and (strange but true) the plaque on my teeth spontaneously flaked off. (I know, right?! So bizarre!) As well, my skin and digestion were the best they’ve ever been, and I had a much healthier relationship with food (no cravings, no overeating). I’m hoping to see the same benefits this time.

My rules for the 30 days:

  • I’ll eat beef, liver, eggs, seafood, pork, lamb, and poultry (and game if I encounter any — I LOVE venison and moose!)
  • Bone broth, collagen powder, and gelatin are also on the menu.
  • Unlike last time, no dairy (and that includes butter, cheese, and heavy whipping cream, three foods I LOVE, but which are addictive for me, make me break out, and may be stalling my weight loss).
  • No sweeteners of any kind.
  • No 100% dark chocolate! (My nemesis)
  • Unlike last time, no nuts! (Another nemesis)
  • No vegetable oils. Did you know our consumption of these has increased massively since the 19th century? They’re a hugely novel food for humans, and very pro-inflammatory.
  • Herb teas, coffee, and unflavoured mineral water are OK.
  • Herbs and spices (sweetener-free) are OK, including mustard. (If carnivore influencer Kelly Hogan eats mustard, it must be OK!)
  • Holiday exception: On Father’s Day and Canada Day (July 1) I can have my unsweetened chocolate pudding (basically just cream and cocoa powder) for dessert. Yay! I can also have red wine or champagne on those 2 days (otherwise, no alcohol).

I’m so excited for this! Wish me luck!

Fixing my sleep, Part 4: Results of the overnight sleep study

alexander-possingham-209285-unsplashMy next appointment at MedSleep would reveal the results of my overnight sleep study. In the weeks leading up to the appointment, I was worried that they’d tell me they didn’t find anything specific. I kept imagining the conversation:

MedSleep: “Your sleep wasn’t great, but we didn’t see anything in terms of a physical cause. Have you tried melatonin / warm baths / progressive relaxation?”

Me: “YES! SOOOO MANY TIMES! Arghghgh!’ (flees the building)

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Fixing my sleep, Part 3: The overnight sleep study

I have slept with 25 different electrodes and sensors attached to my body. I have slept while being videotaped by a stranger. I have slept with multiple sensors inside my nose.

An overnight sleep study, also called polysomnography , from the Latin many-sleep-record, does just what its name implies: it records a bunch of sleep stuff: Continue reading

Fixing my sleep, Part 2: First visit to the sleep clinic

It was a simple suggestion from my family doctor. We were looking into why I routinely get up 3 or 4 times a night to pee (my kidney function was fine).

“Why not see our sleep specialist here in town?” he said.

I was staggered. I didn’t know we had a sleep specialist — I would have pursued this years ago. Continue reading

Fixing my sleep, Part 1: The problem

Sleep…it consolidates our memories, cleans up free radicals, fights cancer, and helps us look and feel younger and more energetic. And when sleep goes wrong, it impacts every aspect of our lives: mood, memory, appetiteheart health, and more.

I’ve had insomnia in differing degrees of hideousness ever since I hit perimenopause about 12 years ago. In fact, I’m writing these words at 3:30 AM. Sigh. Continue reading

New year, new goals: Two simple tricks to embed new habits

Happy 2018! It’s New Year’s resolution time! Are you trying to make a healthy change in your life? Maybe you want to meditate or stretch more. Maybe you want to eat better, go to bed earlier, or give up sugar.

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Another reason to age well: Being able to take of yourself (and others) during emergencies

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada, where wildfires this summer are impacting thousands of people.

So far the flames have spared my community, but we’re hosting thousands of evacuees — some of whom are elderly and unhealthy — who’ve been driven from their homes by fires and smoke.  Continue reading