Sugar-free star: Europe’s Best Fruit Essentials Berry Cherry Medley

We usually buy the frozen berry mix at Costco, which is great — everyone in the world has Costco, right? — but one day when I didn’t feel like driving for 15 minutes*, I went to Save-on Foods (3-minute drive) and picked up these to try:


Note the prominent yellow “NO SUGAR ADDED” notice on the front – that’s what I like to see!

This berry mix tasted fresh and healthy in a wonderful dark-purple, just-bursting-with-antioxidants way.

I especially enjoyed the red sour cherries. I had never had these before, and they provided a refreshing contrast to the sweetness of the “regular” cherries. This mix made a great topping for my morning flaxseed pancakes (recipe coming soon).


To reward Europe’s Best for their simply superb sugar-free spirit, I’m including their own smoothie recipe, below — but of course you know I’d leave out the agave / honey. Death to all forms of added sweetener!

I might also add a little coconut milk, because creaminess. Num.


Well done, Europe’s Best!**

*In northern British Columbia, we think 15 minutes is a long drive.

** I have no affiliation with them. I just really like their berries.


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