What about fruit?

dreamstime_s_33289370It’s usually the first question people ask me when they hear about my Sugar-Free Year: Absolute Zero: “Do you eat fruit?”

Yes, I do.

I’m avoiding all *added* sugars, so this means the natural sugars in fruit are fine — but I do exercise moderation when it comes to fruit. Check out my reasons below. Continue reading


Sugar-free star: Europe’s Best Fruit Essentials Berry Cherry Medley

We usually buy the frozen berry mix at Costco, which is great — everyone in the world has Costco, right? — but one day when I didn’t feel like driving for 15 minutes*, I went to Save-on Foods (3-minute drive) and picked up these to try:


Note the prominent yellow “NO SUGAR ADDED” notice on the front – that’s what I like to see! Continue reading